Bank Credit Management

bank-credit-management‘BANK CREDIT MANAGEMENT’ provides information to on-the-job bankers regarding how to handle credit operations. Starting from Credit policy, it covers the appraisal techniques for term loan, working capital and non-fund based loans with cases studies. It also covers the credit risk management techniques with cases studies. Besides, it provides details about credit monitoring and also loan recovery tools. It is widely used by Indian bankers who are working in Credit Operations or intend to enter Credit operations. In addition, candidates appearing in Certificate Course of IIBF on Credit Officers, are also using the book.


Part-1 : Basic Principles of Lending
01 Basic principles of lending
02 Credit Policy of RBI
03 SME financing Policy
04 Credit Risk Management
05 Credit Risk Rating and Risk pricing
Part-2 : Pre-sanction Appraisal
06 Know Your Borrowers
07 Different types of borrowers
08 Financial Statements & Ratio Analysis
09 Project Financing
10 Working capital finance
11 Non-fund based Exposures
12 Export Finance
Part-3 : Post-sanction Monitoring
13 Loan documentation and charge creation
14 Post-sanction monitoring
Part-4 : Loan Recovery Management
15 Non-performing Advances – Concepts
16 Restructuring of loans and advances
17 Legal Remedies for loan recovery